Communication for High Tech Professionals

Have more impact through confident communication
Communicate with Confidence and Clarity

Communicate with Confidence and Clarity

Gain the confidence and skills to effectively express yourself and your ideas in any situation.

Be an Influential Technical Leader in Your Organization

Be an Influential Technical Leader in Your Organization

Develop strong communication skills and public speaking skills to impact your team and gain visibility in your organization.

Practical Communication Skills for High Tech Professionals

It’s time to increase your impact.

We want to help boost your confidence and increase your efficacy and influence.  Do any of these sound familiar:

  • My manager tells me I should participate more in meetings because sometimes I hardly speak a word.
  • My manager asked me to give a demo and I’m really nervous.
  • After my demo or tech talk, what if I’m asked a question and I don’t know the answer?
  • I don’t understand how senior engineers are able to articulate such abstract concepts in such a concise and clear manner.
  • I’m comfortable answering questions based on data, but it’s difficult to be creative in brainstorming sessions.
  • I’m insecure about my accent, vocal delivery and volume, and it seems like other people are much better at it.
  • I don’t have a lot to say, and I don’t understand why other people are saying so much when they should just be reading the code or design doc.

Coaching for engineers and other high-tech professionals.

Whether you are an individual contributor or on the management track, public speaking and communication skills are vital to having an impact on your team, and standing out as a leader.

1) Feel and Sound Confident in Any Situation

Speak up in a clear and meaningful way in any situation or circumstance, from team meetings, demos, tech talks and meetings, to one-on-ones, lunch and general office chit chat or friendly conversations.

2) Be an Influential Technical Leader in Your Organization

Learn the public speaking and communication skills that your favorite leaders use. Impress your managers and colleagues, have a clear impact on your project or team, and get yourself noticed or promoted.

Specific tools to meet your specific needs.

in 1-to-1 coaching, we build a custom plan to focus specifically on what you want to achieve with your voice.  Some common topics and skill sets we explore with our clients are:

Vocal Technique
Resonance, volume, projection, stamina, control, consistency

Posture, breathing, grounding, owning the space

Articulation, non-verbal cues, listening, cultural differences, healthy dialogue

Enunciation, pronunciation, accents, intonation, pacing, timing

Intention, authority, influence, intuition, boundaries

Navigating different cultures, ethnicities, work styles, EQs

Social anxiety, imposter syndrome, perfectionism, vulnerability, authenticity, limiting beliefs

Gestures, pacing, timing, stage logistics, pre/post presentation self-care, content writing, recording

Improvisation, freeing, singing, narrative

Private Online Community

We’ve got a private online community for our clients to meet like-minded people, ask questions, share ideas and experiences, and otherwise practice communication skills in a safe and facilitated way.

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Workshops, Events + Coaching

Workshops and Events

Workshops and Events

Our fun and experiential workshops, talks, and networking events are a perfect way to build confidence, develop communication and presentation skills, and foster belonging and community.

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1-to-1 Coaching

1-to-1 Coaching

Work at your own pace, in an 1-to-1 setting that focuses exclusively on your needs.

All coaching includes:
- Custom coaching plan based on your learning style, needs and goals.
- Personalized progress tracking and accountability.
- Private online folder for your notes and resources.
- In-between meeting check-ins.

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We'll work with you to create a talk, class or workshop to meet the specific needs of your team. 

Let's set up a time to discuss how to help your team step into their voices.

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