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Woah! Check out this amazing testimonial from a private client! I am so lucky to get to do this work.❤️

“As a long-time musician and vocalist, I’ve worked with many vocal coaches over the years and must say that watching Sam in action is as good as it gets for vocal coaches.

I reached out to Sam to work with my teenage daughter who has sung in singing groups since a young age and is also a songwriter. My daughter had some serious physical setbacks due to surgery and felt that she had just lost some confidence with her singing.

I researched many Bay Area vocal coaches online, and Sam was my number one choice based on what I read and what I heard. I really felt that she was the one coach who would relate extremely well to my daughter and have the greatest impact. At the time, Sam really did not have the bandwidth to work with her, but she felt so much for her situation that, even though she really had to stretch to make it work, she took her on and the results have been amazing!

Sam has worked not only on vocal technique (a huge upgrade for my daughter’s mixed voice work compared to her previous male vocal coach), but she is also helping guide her on songwriting, setting up gigs, teaching her about the business of music, and assisting her with setting her goals in order to reach her dreams. Not only has she been a great vocal coach, but she has been a wonderful mentor, a life coach, and just an amazingly positive influence.

It would be hard to come up with just one word to describe Sam…both as a person and a coach… but ‘exceptional’ would be a starting point…
I would highly recommend Sam to anyone who wants to increase their confidence with singing, public speaking, and performance or presentation.”

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