You Are The Safety You Seek.

For many, many years, I had a dedicated teaching studio. It was a pleasure to be able to offer a safe, nurturing, and inviting place for people to come to, in order to conquer their fears, and build confidence.

What I’ve noticed, since giving up my most recent studio in April, is that there is a noticeable difference when people realize that *they themselves* are the safe place in which to conquer their fears, and build confidence.

I’ve done lessons in people’s homes, offices, rehearsal and recording studios. I’ve also done lessons (very respectfully) in public parks, the nature preserve, and even the Ferry Building. It’s been absolutely stunning to watch the transformation in people, as they realize that they are absolutely fine…no matter where they are.

Singing and performing are about so much more than hitting the notes, and doing fancy runs, etc. Technical proficiency is, of course, important for a number of undeniable reasons. Additionally, ‘good’ singing and performing require a willingness and ability to be seen, and to be heard. They require an ability to stay grounded and fluid under changing, and sometimes difficult conditions. They require an ability to remain calm and move forward, even when everything seems like it’s going off the rails. They require a willingness and ability to be present, to take up space, and to share energy, and emotions, and to be a conduit for others to share and feel. They require an ability to put yourself out there, even when you’re scared, and to believe in the process and the journey, even when you have a moment in which don’t believe in yourself.

There is no ‘typical’ singing lesson, anymore. I mean, I guess there never really was, because every singer is so very different in their goals, abilities, wants, needs, patterns, stress levels, mental blocks, etc. Sometimes we run scales…other times we improv until we cry, and clear out old ideas about ourselves that we no longer need…other times we set goals for the future…other times we drink wine and sing songs for fun…other times we stand on the grass in Mountain Pose, simply allowing ourselves to get comfortable being seen. Always we warm up a little, and no lesson is complete without at least one ‘Open your mouth! Send more air!’ Some things you don’t mess with. πŸ˜‰

I hope that whatever you’re exploring, and wherever you’re exploring it, you feel comfortable within yourself, today.

Love, Sam

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