Learn Communication & Public Speaking Skills
Communicate Effectively

Communicate Effectively

Gain the confidence and skills to effectively express yourself and communicate with others in any situation.

Present with Confidence

Present with Confidence

Decrease stage fright and increase comfort when speaking or presenting in front of any size audience.

Communicate & Present with Ease!

It’s time to find your voice.

Whether you need to have a difficult conversation with a loved one, or give a speech to a room full of colleagues, ask your boss for a raise, or give a toast at a wedding, you can learn to comfortably express yourself, overcome hesitation, and increase confidence.

You can have:

  • Increased professionalism and presence
  • Ability to speak with clarity and intention
  • Enhanced relationships and cooperation
  • Ability to navigate situations on the fly
  • Confidence presenting in front of a group
  • Reduced social anxiety
  • Improved leadership

Build confidence through self expression.

Many people experience anxiety or self-doubt around conversations or speaking in public. What if I’m not good enough? What if I’m wrong or underprepared? What if I do a terrible job? What if I sound stupid?

We’ll help you tame this pesky self-doubt, believe in yourself and your abilities, and speak up in a clear and comfortable way. You have permission to:

  • Trust your education, experience, and instincts.
  • Share your knowledge and opinions.
  • Feel things.
  • Communicate your needs.
  • Be fully present and take up space.

Customized coaching for you.

Everyone’s individual needs are different, so we work with each client’s goals, learning methods, personality, and lifestyle to customize a plan that maximizes personal results.

Common issues we can help you address:

Physical Voice:
The overall clarity of speech
Voice feels too high/low, masculine/feminine
Voice is too loud/soft
Voice is gravelly, whispery or thin
Voice cracks, waivers, breaks up, or feels tired a lot

It’s hard to ask people to do things I need them to do
People ignore me or speak over me
People don’t understand me
I don’t know when it’s my turn to speak
I want to share my thoughts, but I’m afraid I’ll look stupid.

I get really nervous on stage
I don’t know what to do with my hands
I run out of breath
I’ve been told that I mumble
I don’t know where to look

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Many tools to help you build confidence.

Your customized plan will focus specifically on what you want to achieve with your voice.  Some common areas we look at are:

Enunciation and inflection
Resonance and projection
Accent reduction

Self awareness and patience
Intention and focus
Conveying authority

Non-verbal cues
Communicating in the moment
Handling difficult emotions, topics or disagreements.

Pacing and timing
Gestures and eye contact

Reviewing slide deck
Developing and editing talking points

Communication & Presentation Coaching

One-on-One Sessions

Communication Sessions

Communication Sessions

Enhance your overall communication skills and style to develop confidence and build relationships.

This is a great option if you’re starting from scratch, if you're generally pretty shy, or if you're not quite sure what your goals are, but you'd still like to get started.

Regular recurring sessions, or ad hoc/occasional scheduling available.
Pay as you go, or sign up for one of our auto-pay plans to save 5%, 10% or 15% off of your ongoing enrollment.

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Presentation or Public Speaking Sessions

Presentation or Public Speaking Sessions

This is a great option if you need to nail an upcoming presentation, or be on your game for an important conversation, meeting, or event.

We'll assess your needs, current skills, and deadlines to develop a strategy that gets you polished and ready as quickly as possible.

Regular recurring sessions, or ad hoc/occasional scheduling available.
Pay as you go, or sign up for one of our auto-pay plans to save 5%, 10% or 15% off of your ongoing enrollment.

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