Communication & Public Speaking Instruction
Communicate Effectively

Communicate Effectively

Gain the confidence and skills to effectively express yourself and communicate with others in any situation.

Present with Confidence

Present with Confidence

Decrease stage fright and increase comfort when speaking or presenting in front of any size audience.

Communicate & Present with Ease!

It’s time to find your voice.

Whether you need to have a difficult conversation with a loved one, or give a speech to a room full of colleagues, ask your boss for a raise, or give a toast at a wedding, you can learn to comfortably express yourself, overcome hesitation, and increase confidence.

We’ll help you develop:

  • Increased professionalism and presence
  • Ability to speak with clarity and intention
  • Enhanced relationships and cooperation
  • Ability to navigate situations on the fly
  • Confidence presenting in front of a group
  • Reduced social anxiety
  • Improved leadership

Contact us to schedule a time to chat about your goals, either in-person or over the phone, at no cost.

You have permission to be you.

Many people experience fear or anxiety around conversations or speaking in public. This fear is typically a response to the potential negative outcomes – perceived or real, that you think you will face once people start paying attention to you. This is a fear of being fully seen and heard. What if I’m not good enough? What if I’m wrong or underprepared? What if I do a terrible job? What if I sound stupid? And on, and on, and on goes the self-doubt.

We’ll help you tame this pesky self-doubt, believe in yourself and your abilities, and speak up in a clear and comfortable way. You have permission to:

  • Trust yourself, your education, your experience, and your instincts.
  • Trust that others will trust you, and that you are worthy of their trust.
  • Speak up.
  • Feel things.
  • Communicate your needs.
  • Be present.
  • Share your spirit/energy/wisdom/experience/vibe/awesomeness.

Our unique and fun approach.

In addition to contemporary techniques for communication and public speaking, our comprehensive and interactive curriculum incorporates the element of singing.

That’s right, singing!

For many people, singing is scary. It’s also fun! Because of it’s scary/fun nature, it is a powerful tool for breaking down communication barriers, training people to remain calm when nervous, helping them understand what they want to say, finding the right language to do it, memorizing content, and building overall personal confidence.

What other people are saying.

“For me it was a mystery: why does my voice just seem to fade away, often when I need it the most? Sometimes I had a strong, resonant voice, but at other times I would struggle to make myself heard, managing only a faint, raspy shadow of my real voice. My doctor said all the physical stuff was OK, so that wasn’t it. And it didn’t seem to be a straightforward fear of speaking in public, since my voice often seemed strongest when the pressure was heaviest. So what to do?

Sam took on the challenge with gusto. She started with some vocal exercises, and with some technical discussion of how the body actually produces the sound. Fascinating stuff, even if it meant I spent my spare time driving around San Francisco making some very strange noises in the privacy of my car, with windows safely shut.

She also focused on the mind-body aspects of speaking, engaging me in a fascinating conversation about the emotional and confidence related aspects of various situations. Sam has a knack for probing these kinds of issues in a very thorough but completely non-judgmental manner.” David H.

Communication & Public Speaking Instruction

One-on-One Sessions & Packages

1. One-on-One Communication Sessions

1. One-on-One Communication Sessions

Enhance your overall communication skills and style, to develop confidence and build relationships. We work with each client's goals, learning methods, personality, and lifestyle to customize a plan that maximizes personal results. Topics may include:

- Authenticity and intention -
- Emotional awareness and feedback -
- Nonverbal queues and active listening -
- Professionalism and tactfulness -
- Enunciation and articulation -
- Posture, breathing and mind/body connection -
- Self-awareness and confidence -

This is a great option if you’re starting from scratch, if you'd like a tune up, or if you're generally pretty shy, or if you're not quite sure what your goals are, but you'd still like to get started.

Regular recurring sessions, or ad hoc/occasional scheduling available.
Pay as you go, or sign up for one of our auto-pay plans to save 5%, 10% or 15% off of your ongoing enrollment.

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2. One-on-One Presentation or Meeting Preparation

2. One-on-One Presentation or Meeting Preparation

This is a great option if you need to nail an upcoming presentation, or be on your game for an important conversation, meeting, or event. Topics may include:

- Stage presence and projection -
- Gestures and eye contact -
- Timing and pacing -
- Enunciation and articulation -
- Memorization -
- Microphone control and stage/equipment logistics -
- Handling stage fright -

We'll assess your needs, current skills, and deadlines to develop a strategy that gets you polished and ready as quickly as possible.

Regular recurring sessions, or ad hoc/occasional scheduling available.
Pay as you go, or sign up for one of our auto-pay plans to save 5%, 10% or 15% off of your ongoing enrollment.

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3. Phone or Skype Check-in / Tune-up

3. Phone or Skype Check-in / Tune-up

Have a quick question? Need some tips before you hit the stage? Want an outside opinion on your slide deck? We'll schedule a call and get you feeling confident.

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4. Customized Package for You

4. Customized Package for You

We'll work together to develop the perfect strategy and timeline to address your communication and/or public speaking needs.

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Who We've Worked With


Organizations and Clients

We’ve taken our workshops into large companies such as Aruba Networks/Hewlett Packard, and Dell, as well as startup accelerators including 500 Startups and RocketSpace.

Our client list also includes folks from Magic Leap, Texas Instruments, Apple, Cisco, Amazon, EA Games, Facebook, Google, Airbnb, FitBit, Rev, Twitter, Zynga, Boostable, Twitch, June, RackSpace, ZeroCater, and more.


Our participants come from all types of professional backgrounds including attorneys, accountants, developers, engineers, marketers, sales people, managers, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and more.

They also come from all over the world including China, India, Korea, Croatia, Turkey, Japan, Mexico, Philippines, Italy, Poland, Brazil, Netherlands, France, Lebanon and Switzerland.

We work with people of all genders and sexes, and seek to foster workplaces where all voices are heard, and all team members can thrive.

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