Own Your Voice

Trust Your Voice. Trust Yourself.
Build Confidence!

Singing is an incredibly powerful tool for breaking down personal barriers and building a deep confidence that flows into all areas of a person’s life.

Learn to trust your physical voice, as well as that little voice inside of you.

All are Welcome!

No prior singing or musical experience required. All are welcome. If no time or date are listed, contact us for details.

Engage and Explore…

We’ll explore the basic mechanics of the voice, the mind/heart/body/voice connection, the uses of singing for opening up communication, and the musical/creative/fun side of singing too! We’ll do this by:

  • Learning about how the voice works, and strengthening it with simple singing exercises.
  • Exploring authenticity and vulnerability through safe and fun vocal improvisation.
  • Observing what feelings arise when singing, in order to begin to separate the act of experiencing emotions from the act of communicating information.
  • Using performance tips, tricks and tools to explore gestures and other forms of non-verbal communication.
  • And much, much more!
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