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Learn Singing and Performance Skills at Home.

Learn Singing and Performance Skills at Home.

Whether you want to take to the stage, or feel comfortable singing in the shower, get the tools you need to sing the songs you love.

Own Your Voice and Have Fun!

Own Your Voice and Have Fun!

Develop your creativity, foster self expression, discover new opportunities, set goals and take real steps toward them.

You Can Learn to Sing. Really!

Learning to sing doesn’t have to be scary.

We understand how nerve-wracking it can be to take that first step into singing, or to return to singing after a hiatus. That’s why we make sure to create a safe, comfortable, nurturing, and inviting online space for our singers to break down barriers, build confidence, learn contemporary vocal and performance technique, explore their own sound, meet like-minded people, and have fun.

Each singer has different goals, tastes, and learning styles, so, just like with our one-on-one sessions, we’ve built our online course to be thorough and cohesive  as well as flexible and customizable.

Whether you’re in a band, or just looking to explore singing someplace other than your shower, we will help you gain control, increase stamina, build confidence, and find your own voice.

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A word from Sam, your singing coach.

Build confidence and own your voice.

You have permission to sing, create, explore, and have fun, no matter what level you are at.

  • Break down mental barriers and access your unique abilities
  • Discover what is holding you back and help you free yourself from it
  • Explore how preconceptions (yours or others) affect your singing
  • Build a stronger connection with your music
  • Have permission to sing out loud, despite your fears

If you’re not sure which enrollment type is best for you, email for guidance.

This is not your typical singing lesson.

In addition to being able to hit the notes more accurately and boldly through the study of contemporary technique, such as breathing, posture, pitch, volume, etc, you will also learn to trust that voice inside of you that has things to say, and things to sing about, but isn’t sure if it should come out.

Through a combination of videos, workbooks, mp3s, and discussion, you’ll also learn how to establish a consistent and healthy singing practice, discover what opportunities are available to you as a singer, set goals, develop an action plan, and track your amazing progress!

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Self-Study + Monthly Coaching Call

Self-Study + Monthly Coaching Call

This is a great option if you can't get in for private lessons, or if you enjoy working on your own, but could use some outside accountability or specific guidance each month to keep you on track.  You'll get:

● All materials, including workbooks, videos, and mp3 files.

● 30 minute private coaching call with Sam each month.

● Online community forum with guided discussions.

● Subscribe or unsubscribe at anytime.

Self-Study + Community Forum

Self-Study + Community Forum

If you prefer to learn at your own pace, you can sign up for the monthly content, and follow along on your own.  You will have access to:

● All materials, including workbooks, videos, and mp3 files.

● Online community forum with guided discussions.

● Subscribe or unsubscribe at any time.

8-Month Group Class

8-Month Group Class

Reach your singing goals through a combination of guided self-study, individual private coaching, and community support. This registration includes:

● All materials, including workbooks, videos, and mp3 files.

● 1-hour private coaching call with Sam each month.

● Live group video call each month.

● Online community forum with guided discussions.

● Accountability milestones to keep you moving.

What You Will Learn:

Start to Like the Sound of Your Own Voice

Address your fear, learn to listen to your voice in a new way, and begin to trust and strengthen your voice.

Vocal Technique, Part One

Understand and implement the basic foundations of healthy and fun singing.

Establishing Practice Routines + Healthy Habits

Learn the do’s and don’ts of what, when, and how to practice, while developing a customized and practical singing routine that fits into your busy life.

Vocal Technique, Part Two

Advance to the next level of vocal technique to improve strength, agility, stamina and flow.

Goal Setting + Tracking

Discover what opportunities are available to you as a singer, get clear on what your goals are, learn how to create a specific action plan and track your progress.

Vocal Technique, Part Three

Step up your singing game with styles like belting and vocal runs, and unblock creative potential by building improvisation skills.

Communication + Expression

Dive into the meaning in the music, and learn how to comfortably express your thoughts and feelings by focusing on authenticity, vulnerability, intention, emotion, gestures, eye contact, and presence.

Own Your Voice!

This month will cover everything from choosing songs and building a set list, to memorizing lyrics, to finding musical accompaniment. You will also learn about different types of performances (formal/informal, public/private) and how to prepare for them, when to say yes or no to performing, how to deal with pushy friends, and pre and post-performance self care.

What Others Say:

“Sam is amazing, inspiring, caring, talented, humble, fun and so much more. She has the ability to take the shyest of people out of their shells and introduce them to a voice they never knew they had, and for experienced singers, she knows how to introduce them to a part of their voice and themselves that they never thought was possible.

Sam is not only a vocal teacher, she is also a skilled life coach. She treats her students with such genuine care, builds them up to believe in themselves, and pushes them to reach their biggest goals- even if they feel like pie in the sky ideas…anything is possible with Sam as your coach!”

“Lessons with Samantha are a cross between vocal work and therapy. She’s an amazing vocalist and an even more incredible human being that works hard to create a safe space that allows for creativity and experimentation and insecurities and successes, etc. She’s supportive and always seems to know where and how to push you to be your best and how to allow you to work through feeing your worst. I can’t say enough about my experiences working with Sam, I would recommend her to anyone.”

“I am grateful to have found Sam. Being rather shy and tentative about using my voice, it’s important that I feel really safe in order to let it out. Sam creates an ultra-safe space, and is so tuned in to what’s going on. Her sensitivity, great teaching skills and gentle-but-firm approach work really well for me. I’m very happy to feel my confidence growing rapidly.”

“I’ve been working with Sam for ~6 months and I’ve got to say it’s been a wonderful experience. I started off as a complete beginner with no confidence in my voice but my regular practice with Sam has helped me work past that. I’ve gained a new appreciation for singing and how the voice works in general. It helps that Sam has a toooon of experience as a vocal coach and she understands where students get stuck.

The lessons are super enjoyable and Sam is very (very) supportive and understanding of your singing regardless of your level. That’s not to say she doesn’t push you out of your comfort zone. She pushes you in a good way that doesn’t freak you out. 🙂 Would highly recommend Sam if you want to be a better singer / find confidence in your voice.”

“Sam is amazing! I was a beginner with zero singing background, but she made me feel at ease immediately, and got me way out of my comfortable little shell just the right amount. She’s so patient and helps you think about things in new ways, not just with music but in life as well! I’m much more aware of breathing, posture, learning how to use space, trusting intuition, and figuring out very specifically what’s hard about something in order to tackle it. She also helped me incorporate my prior piano experience into the mix which was an unexpected benefit that has made both activities even more enjoyable. Sam’s a true gem of a person and coach, and her lessons and insights went well beyond the hour I spent with her each week.”

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