Community Events

Community Events

From karaoke night, to happy hour, to student shows and networking events, we’ve always got something going on. Check the calendar often to stay updated.

Own Your Voice Workshop

Own Your Voice Workshop

A fun way to release, expand, and connect! Begin learning to trust your physical voice, as well as that little voice inside of you.

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Connect with InnerVoice musicians

Some of our students began as professional musicians, while others have realized their goals of becoming professional musicians by taking voice lessons. Check out some of their music by visiting their websites!


Influenced by the major R&B and soul artists such as Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, and Aretha Franklin, Alex's songwriting draws inspiration from her own life events, making it deeply relatable (particularly to anyone who has ever gone through a break-up). Her lyrics, charged with timeless themes of love and loss, along with her powerhouse vocals, make you want to listen to her songs on repeat while texting your ex how much you hate him. Alex has been working with Sam since 2014 and has performed in several InnerVoice Studios shows.


Sleeptalkers is a one-two punch of nostalgia and energy all in a tightly packaged gift for your ears and your heart. Taking cues from their roots, Sleeptalkers seeks to share their brand of familiar but unique take on alternative rock. Gerard Cabarse, the band's lead vocalist and a very talented guitarist and songwriter, has been working with Sam since 2016.

Danielle Yvonne

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Petra Gojun

Three years ago, Petra embarked on a journey of finding her voice again. This is the latest stage. She is in love with the space and silence between the notes. She sings music from myriad genres, but her vocal style can best be described as sultry jazz. Petra has been working with Sam since 2013 and has performed in countless InnerVoice shows.

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