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Do Your Work.

Do Your Work. This seemingly simple phrase brings to mind two bigger ideas: 1) For starters it means DO your work. It’s up to you to put in the energy to reach your goals. Others might participate along with you, or help you, or guide you, or teach you. Your work starts with your willingness […]

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Recognize Your Progress.

This one is extra important. We spend so much time focusing on where we are going, that we often forget to pause and look at where we are, and how far we’ve travelled to get here. Sometimes progress happens in big leaps, and sometimes little baby steps. Sometimes it means moving forward, and sometimes it […]

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Practice Video

Had some free time at the studio the other day so I got to practice a bunch. For this video experiment I was working on: – Staying still without looking stiff – Gesturing without looking contrived – Making eye contact with the camera – Remaining relaxed without getting sloppy about posture And doing all that […]

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Four Ways That Singing Makes Us Better Communicators

Throughout the years I’ve been teaching people to sing, students have noticed some pretty amazing side effects.  In addition to increased confidence, control and comfort when singing, students regularly report the same in situations such as: Giving speeches Talking to their boss Speaking up in a meeting Dealing with a difficult colleague Conducting negotiations Making […]

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