Sam Whitehouse


Public Speaking


InnerVoice Studio

InnerVoice Vocal Studio creates a safe, comfortable, nurturing and inviting atmosphere for busy working adults to break down barriers, build confidence, learn contemporary vocal technique, communication, and public speaking skills. Students get to explore their own sound, meet like-minded people, perform and have fun. We offer in-person and onine singing and public speaking lessons, as well as workshops, networking events, and opportunities to perform in public.


InnerVoice Studio has a wide variety of students of all backgrounds including musicians, attorneys, accountants, filmmakers, engineers, marketing and PR people, managers, start-up entrepreneurs, corporate real estate developers, small business owners, writers, bankers, human resources specialists, and more. Our students also hail from all over the world including China, India, Korea, Croatia, Turkey, Japan, Mexico, Philippines, Italy, Poland, Brazil, Netherlands, France, Lebanon and Switzerland.

Our student roster includes people from Magic Leap, Aruba Networks/HP, 500 Startups, Dell, Texas Instruments, Apple, Airbnb, Cisco, Amazon, EA Games, Facebook, Google, Rev, Twitter, Twitch, RackSpace, Zynga, FitBit, Boostable, ZeroCater, and more.

Studio History

Prior to establishing InnerVoice Studio, Sam owned and operated OpenVoice Studios, a singing lessons studio in San Francisco with 9 additional teachers, and 150 weekly recurring private students (1000+ over the lifespan of the company). During her years at the helm, in addition to teaching and exploring new curriculum, she opened 3 studios in 2 states, as well as produced dozens of shows, events, and workshops.

In 2015 she closed OpenVoice Studios and opened InnerVoice Studio in order to have more time, energy and attention to focus on her students, as well as to develop new course offerings and curriculum.

Sam Whitehouse: Singing and public speaking coach

Sam’s love affair with singing began in her grandmother’s living room when she was around 4 years old. She began teaching singing in 2007, and opened her first studio in 2008. Over the years she has repeatedly witnessed the power that singing has to help a person feel more comfortable in their own skin.

Today, she enjoys mixing singing with other tools and resources to help people conquer their fears, as well as build confidence and communication skills, and watching how these new skills positively impact every single area of a person’s life.

Diverse Background

In addition to her background in singing, communicating, speaking and presenting, she also has a diverse corporate background. In a previous life, in addition to an insurance company, a recording studio, and major retail chains, Sam also worked at two different tech consulting firms in the Boston, MA area. She’s also spent the last 15 years around start-up founders, entrepreneurs and consultants. And of course, many of her private students and corporate clients are in tech.


When she is not teaching or working on her own music, she can be found encouraging others to take a chance on themselves, practicing yoga, creating mixed-media art pieces, sipping Cabernet, or watching WWII movies.